January in The District

in In The Historic District

This article originally appeared on The Folsom Telegraph.

Last month was a whirlwind! Whew! The days were so busy and so full, and I’m happy to say it was all a great success. Did you go to the Tree Lighting? It was truly spectacular...there were so many people there! All there to focus on wishing in the Christmas Spirit. So much optimism in one place…I find it so inspiring. And the rumors were true, it really did snow!

The skating rink has been a wild beehive of activity during the last month. So many families, dads with kids, kids with kids, and mom’s on the rail holding the too-little-ones and cheering everyone on. In fact, I was there too, skating with my own friends to celebrate a 50-something birthday. After skating, we stopped at The Cellar for a glass of wine, then on to Marley and Moo for more fun and great food. The District was buzzing! All the shops were open and there were people in every establishment we passed. What a great time for the District.

In comes January. And with January many folks slow down, taking time to catch their breath after the frenzy of December. It’s a perfect time to recognize that the District has a lot to offer in the quiet months as well. The skating rink slows down, so it’s perfect for those who would prefer a bit more space on the ice (the rink closes after MLK weekend, so it’s a good time to get that last thrill in).

It’s the perfect time to stroll through the Historic District Museums. Chances are good you’ll enjoy them a lot more now. Have you been into the Museum of Wonder and Delight? It’s an amazing walk through special exhibitions of miniature vignettes, some that are Christmas based, some that have other themes, many that include toys and collected items you will remember from your own childhood. Dolph Gotelli, the founder and curator of this crazy collection, is recognized throughout the world (yes, really, the world-go ahead, google him), as a collector of miniatures….but did you also know he founded the UCDavis Design Museum back in 1970? Put the two things together, and you’ve got some real potential for amazing visual displays.  Sure to be something worth visiting on a blustery January day when a little calm is in order.

We have a new business in the Historic District…called Mystique Dining. Based on Disney’s Haunted Mansion, it’s a spot to have dinner, then sit back and take in a magic “experience.” Magicians are professionals, looping into the area specifically for the dates they are booked at Mystique Dining, many coming up from LA’s legendary Magic Castle. I have not experienced the place yet, but it sounds like a great time with a group of friends. Only twenty at the dinner table, and reservations are required. Maybe something I should book for an upcoming birthday…..hmmmm….

The District will be busy in January, cleaning up from Christmas, re-stocking, and optimistic for the new year. Enjoy the winter (let there be snow!), enjoy the District, and enjoy each other. Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous year ahead. Happy New Year!

Karen Holmes is the President of the Board of Directors for the Folsom Historic District and the owner-operator of Karen’s Bakery.