February in the Folsom Historic District

in In The Historic District

This article originally appeared on The Folsom Telegraph.

Are you done with the rain yet? I find it a yin+yang thing. I love the rain, and I think about moments when I was a kid and there were galoshes and puddles and walking in the rain and the air feels so good after it stops and the trees are happy and the drought is over. But I also know that I want to get outside and be able to drive to Tahoe and not have to wear a coat and not watch the weather report every night and not worry about moss growing in places it shouldn’t. The inevitable here is that the weather will change, winter will become spring, the daffodils will come up, we’ll celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and spring’s energy will invigorate us all.

As the anticipation of spring builds, I think of asparagus. My produce company sent a newsletter out last week mentioning asparagus, but they are sourced from far away and not worth buying yet (just a tease, I think). As March rolls on, I’ll be keeping my eyes on the Farmers Market in the plaza…looking for the first glimpse of Delta Asparagus and local strawberries. They are bound to be here-March is the month. I’ll look forward to the Farmer’s Market spring bounty…not only the produce, but new purveyors who have found out what a success the HD Farmers Market is. It’s a treasure hunt, because there are always surprises. It’s a place to meet people: farmers, fellow shoppers, old friends, and new ones.   It looks like the Pedal Stop is going to be open for Bike Valet this year. You’ll be able to ride your bicycle to the HD and park it while you shop (or eat, or stroll the street). A great hub for our community, that Farmers Market. We’re so lucky to have it, and I’m so glad that the community has embraced it and made it the success that it’s become.

Last month I wrote about Late Night Date Night in the HD. What I didn’t write, nay, what I didn’t realize, is that LNDN is slated to be a monthly event. Last month’s event, in spite of a rainy evening, turned out to be a wonderful night. There were so many participating shops and businesses that when listed, they didn’t fit on one sheet of paper. The merchants were all invigorated by the success of the event.  March 3rd is the next LNDN evening…many merchants have committed to staying open until 9 p.m. to encourage after-dinner browsing and shopping. Mark your calendars...LNDN will always be the first Friday of every month. In case you missed it, think of these key  words: guest artists, music, special promotions, shops open late…in short, a lively place to be on a Friday. It’s easy, because it’s close, and it’s so, so charming. Come down and join us.

March…it’s green, I know it. Not just because Hallmarks says so, but because the grass is green, St. Patricks Day is green, the asparagus, peas, and favas are green…after all of this rain, we are in for some beautiful green hills. Ah, happy spring.


Karen Holmes is the President of the Board of Directors for the Folsom Historic District and the owner-operator of Karen’s Bakery.