Spotlight on Sutter Street Cruisers, A Mix of New Beach Cruisers and Custom Stretch Bicycles at 813 Sutter Street

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Sutter Street Cruisers is the second to be featured in our new Folsom Historic District Merchant and Business Spotlight Series.

We're spotlighting long-time favorites, new arrivals, and hidden gems alike. We encourage you to share these local stories and visit with merchants to get to know them firsthand.

We connected with owner Mark Distefano to learn more about Sutter Street Cruisers at 813 Sutter St.

How would I describe Sutter Street Cruisers?
Sutter Street Cruisers is a Custom Bicycle Shop.  We are a Beach Cruiser Dealer, Create Custom Bicycles from Mild to Wild, and can modify your existing Bicycle to add a bit more personal flavor. 

We are also expanding into the Fixie and BMX realms as of late, constantly looking for new products and partners that reflect our love of rolling art and all things bicycle.

What led you to start Sutter Street Cruisers and what are a common questions or misconceptions people have about the business?

Folsom is already a bicycle-rich community; we were simply trying to capitalize on that love of Bikes and enlighten people to the fact that other types of bicycles exist other than Mountain and Road Bikes. 

We are from the Bay Area; and a smaller organization, just starting out, might not find success or support from the Local Community as we have here in the Heart of Old Town Folsom.

We don't do "Bicycle Shop" things. 

Example:  We don't offer service unless we created the Bicycle.  We don't fix flats, repair derailleurs, etc........and don't offer maintenance unless the Bicycle was originally sold from our location. 

We never want people to think we are turning away or denying their business--our business model is just very specific and tends to work well given the nature of our product offerings.

Tell us a little about your customers and most popular services

Our most popular product or service is, without-a-doubt, our Beach Cruisers, offered through Huntington Beach Bicycle Company. It is what we have founded our business on; we offer a multitude of Styles, Colors, and Options available for riders of all sizes... it is rare we sell something off of the floor and are oftentimes visited from hours away as we are unique in the products and services offered.

We are a destination location but that doesn't mean you have to break the bank to ride away with something that blends the best of form and function. 

Beyond the traditional bike-shop services, is there anything people assume that isn't right?
A common misconception or request we oftentimes receive is a customer's desire to "consign" Used Bicycles for Sale. 

We are working with limited space and simply don't have the square footage to consign. are a resource, though, and we're happy to assist in providing potential avenues for said sale.
What's the Biggest Compliment we've received?
Customers that have become Friends is undoubtedly the Biggest Compliment we can ever receive. 

Capitalizing on an initial sale is great--but are you really doing a service if you only earn their business ONCE?!?  We always say we are here to build relationships....not just bicycles. 

Even if we can't earn your business for some reason, we will provide you with the tools necessary to make an educated decision about your end desire.

What are some ways you're involved with the community in Folsom and why did you choose the Historic District?

We are strong supporters for a local non-profit called "The Friends of Folsom". They are an instrumental cause in Folsom (and the surrounding areas) doing whatever is necessary to aid Families in need.

Their Turkey Drive around Thanksgiving is their best-known event, each year surpassing prior year's donations amounts feedings thousands of needy people. The Eagles Lodge, at the end of Sutter Street, is their home base of operations and always welcoming new and involved Members, desiring to give back as well.

When we first relocated from San Jose to Folsom and visited the Historic District, we could tell that if we were to ever one day open a Bike Shop, this is where we wanted it to be.  Rather than a "strip mall", the rich history and eclectic surroundings of Sutter Street fit well with the unique product we work to create daily. 

We believe we fit well within the Historic District; with its multitude of Merchants working to create an environment all-their-own with which to share with Locals and Outsiders alike.

What can people expect in the future from Sutter Street Cruisers?

We recently brought on the SE Bikes line, including 24", 26", and 29" BMX Cruisers in a multitude of Styles and Colors.

We have almost 1300 items in our Online Store at, and always offer 10% off your entire purchase with Promo Code "LUV2RIDE" at Checkout.

We will be participating in the Sacramento AutoRama at the Expo Center again this year, between 02/16-02/18.  They will have a multitude of Hot Rods, Classics, Customs, and Bicycles for all to see.  We will be hoping to retain our "Best Custom Bicycle" and "Best Motorized Bicycle" Awards granted at last year's Event.

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Brian Ostrovsky is CEO of Folsom-based startup Locable and excited to be working with the Historic District to share stories that make Folsom unique, and pretty much all-things-local. 

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