February 2018 in the Folsom Historic District - Valentine's Day, Willamette Valley Vineyards & More

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This article originally appeared on The Folsom Telegraph.

Fake News!!! HA! I was speaking with some regulars in my shop, and they commented on this article (thanks for reading it, ladies). I was saying that my February article was due, and did they have any scoops for me? (I’m starting to sound like a real journalist…”scoops?”) They laughed, and said no…anything they might say could be fake news. Ha! There’s a hook…fake news….should I write an article about fake news? “Sutter St. to close forever,” “Snooks Ice Cream to limit their flavors to licorice and artichoke,” or “The Bag Lady switches her inventory from handbags to military paraphernalia”….Oh my goodness, it would be a hoot (they say all news coverage is good news, even bad news), but I prefer to stick with the good stuff…the real stuff. The solid details of how great our Historic District is. 

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and windows and display cases are showing off their enthusiasm and their wares for the holiday. It’s a fun holiday to participate in, even if you don’t have a specific sweetie…it’s a time to let all those who are in your life know how you feel about them. Did you know that when Julia Child became involved in the food business she was frustrated that she “couldn’t get organized” to send Christmas cards. So to remedy the problem, her husband Paul suggested that they send Valentine’s Day cards instead of C’mas cards. It was a suggestion that not only solved the problem, but stuck with them as they sent Valentine’s Day cards for years and years (ask Google to show you the picture they took of themselves in the bathtub for the card-so funny!). So this year, take a page from Julia’s book and use Valentine’s Day as a day to let those in your life know you care….

In relation to Valentines Day…did you know Fire and Rain Gallery is back in town? They are in the Historic District, officially on Riley St, just around the corner from The Folsom Hotel and Emily’s Corner. The space itself it charming, one of the true historic buildings in the district, and the treasures inside are the same creative, artist driven, original pieces that Fire and Rain has always brought to The District.  This Saturday, February 3rd they are having an artist’s reception with Phill Evans and Jennifer Johnson. It is billed as an evening of Peace. Love. & RockNRoll….Chocolates, Cheesecake, and Champagne…I think there is something for everyone in that line up. Phill Evans and Jennifer Johnson will both be present …they are artists who create “playful and provoking” sculptures that are beyond creative. The special exhibit will begin Saturday at 5:00. It’s one to make sure you catch.

Another event that is coming to The District that is easy to get excited about: you have surely, by now, seen the new building that is under construction in the Plaza. That building will house Scotts Seafood on the ground floor, and BREAKING NEWS: Willamette Valley Vineyards has just signed on to take over the top floor.  Willamette Valley Vineyards will create a wine experience unlike any we have here. On February 17th Scott’s Seafood, Willamette Valley Vineyards, and Kensington Homes (the developer of the project) are going to hold a “Raise the Roof Party” in the Historic Plaza tent. Group photo’s and toasts at 2:30, with complimentary samples from both businesses. Come and join in the excitement…it’s going to be terrific to have this duo in our fair District.

Be good to one another, enjoy February, and cross your fingers for rain!


Karen Holmes is the President of the Board of Directors for the Folsom Historic District and the owner-operator of Karen’s Bakery.