July 2018 in the Folsom Historic District - Hometown Parade, Twilight Concert Series, and Peach Festival

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By the time you read this, it may just be Fourth of July…or it may be a few days afterward. Did you participate or attend any of the festivities that took place in the Historic District? It has been an incredible month…so busy and so festive!

The week leading up to the fourth was jammed full of fantastic things – the grand opening of the new barn at the Folsom City Zoo, the Hometown Parade in the Historic District and the Folsom Pro Rodeo. It’s fun to have all this old fashioned charm to bring a sense of joy to this patriotic holiday. The Hometown Parade was an effort to bring back the Fourth of July parade we all miss so much. There was a lot of work that went into this parade. I am writing this before the parade actually happened, but I am privy to lots of info about the parade. I am guessing it was fantastic. What a joy to have something so festive, funky and fun! A terrific Historic District event.

We have a milestone happening in the Historic District. Something many of you have been earnestly waiting for, visitors have been wishing for and city folks have been working on for many a night….hold your breath…wait for it…drum roll, please…we’re going to have new public restrooms installed!!! The new restrooms will be on Wool Street, just in front of the current Chamber Depot Building. They will be multi-stall, centrally located and available for all of our visitors, guests, regulars and residents. It’s so exciting that we’re even going to have a ribbon cutting! (No, not really, but we are really that excited) The new bathrooms should add to the count of existing bathrooms, making the Historic District a much more user-friendly place to visit. Thanks to the city for helping with this long-awaited addition to the Historic District!

Now summer is really here…the Peach Festival is happening on July 14. This is something we look forward to each year. How many peach things can we come up with? Peach Pie, peach galettes, peach scones, peach muffins, peach tea, peach water, peach caramel…the list can go on and on, only limited by the time we can find to bring these creations to life. There are so many peach-y things that will happen on July 14. Come down to the Historic District and see how clever the Farmers Market folks can be. It’s a delicious event!

The Twilight Concert Series will continue through July. Each Thursday night, starting at 7:30 p.m., there are bands playing in the amphitheater. The concerts begin a bit later in the evening this year, so the summer sun is beginning to dip below the horizon. It’s a pleasure to see folks taking full advantage of our plaza and amphitheater. It’s so nice to see the public spaces being used in such a friendly way. It’s also an opportunity to see how the construction on that new building is coming along. It’s looking great!

Enjoy July. Eat peaches. Eat ice cream. Swim. Fish. Go camping. Ah, summer.


Karen Holmes is the President of the Board of Directors for the Folsom Historic District and the owner-operator of Karen’s Bakery.