August 2018 in the Folsom Historic District - Back to School, New Bike Path, & Johnny Cash Tribute

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August in The Historic District…

This is the moment just before the kids go back to school. Teachers are readying their classrooms, kids are getting school supplies in order, new school clothes picked out, and last minute family vacations are taken. Everyone is working to get it all in before the school year starts. And then BAM! the school year starts, the routines that families had abandoned for the summer start again and begin to gel, and the summer life, as we knew it in 2018, dissolves, leaving behind memories and a delicious aftertaste.

This is not a bad thing….one of the things we love at Karen's Bakery is the start of the school year and the return to moments when parents are let loose into the world because their kids are in school again. Get-togethers for coffee, lunch meet ups, runs or rides with friends….we’re always glad to see this part of the community routine return. We look forward to hearing about summer vacations, new school schedules, and can sense the routines of the autumn just around the corner.

If you’ve been in The District lately, you may have noticed the new bike path that is being added on Leidesdorff Street. There is a bit of serious construction going on to make this project happen…the City of Folsom crews are working hard and fast-it won’t take long to get this done. You can see a finished portion of the path, and a clear example of what the path will ultimately look like, between Gold Lake Dr. and Reading Street. It’s a two lane bike path, supporting travel in both directions, on the north side of Leidesdorff. Ultimately, the goal is to connect the last .9 mile of the loop around Lake Natoma so cyclists can ride a full loop around the lake. It’s going to be a terrific addition to the Lake Natoma loop, and a great example of the City of Folsom supporting cycling as an alternative method of transportation in our area.

One fallout of this construction….Heckle Alehouse…have you been there? They are on Leidesdorff across from Pioneer Village. They have recently passed their first anniversary…a big milestone for any small business...but still a delicate moment for a business. They serve terrific smoked meats, burgers, and craft brews.

Unfortunately, the current construction has planted a fence in front of their main front entryway. Heckle is fully accessible, but you have to look down the sidewalk to their “auxiliary entrance” during the construction time. Heckle will be very glad to have regular customers continuing to visit them, and if you haven’t been there, this is a good time to head to Heckle and show some support. Matt, the owner of Heckle, has a terrific attitude, and is very optimistic about the construction. It’s the kind of attitude that is refreshing to see and easy to support. Next time you feel like a burger, head on down to Heckle….

For all you Johnny Cash fans, or just live music fans….Sunny Mitchell Theatre Projects has two events that are going to bring a bright spot to Folsom in August. First, on August 16th, Sutter Street Steakhouse will host WS Holland, who was Johnny Cash’s one and only drummer his entire career, for a special three course dinner, live music, and conversation-with-the-artist evening. This is bound to be a special event…good food, good music, small and intimate. Lovely.

Then, on the 17th and 18th of August, Sunny brings back American Legend, A Tribute to Johnny Cash’s Life in Song. This event takes place in the amphitheater….two nights, great musicians, bound to be magical. Another bonus: all of the proceeds from these shows benefit the Folsom Cordova 4th and 5th grade music education programs in our community-thank you Sunny! To get tickets, go to

Enjoy these last days of summer. Swim, get wet, do the summer things you love to do.


Karen Holmes is the President of the Board of Directors for the Folsom Historic District and the owner-operator of Karen’s Bakery.