October 2018 In The Historic District - Folsom Glow, Soap Box Derby, and Festifall

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Our region, and its mild weather patterns, allow for lots of fun into the long shadows of fall. Maybe it’s that we’re all trying to cram a bunch of great ideas (and substantial energy) into the moments just before we have to go indoors for the winter. Maybe it’s just that we’re such an active community there just isn’t ever really a time when we lay low. So it is with October…so much good stuff to do.

One event that has just passed, that I’m sorry to say I missed, was the Live Art Event on Sept. 30. The idea was 16 artists, 16 canvases, all arranged on the Historic District plaza around the Depot Building, painting-while-you-watch, and selling those paintings at the end of the day to benefit a makeover of the mural on Emily’s Corner at Sutter and Wool. What a terrific idea. Bringing art to the Historic District in as many formats as we can is a great way to enrich and enliven the Historic District. Hope that was a great event-wish I had seen those art pieces – darn it!

Folsom Glow is scheduled for this Saturday night, Oct. 6. This event makes me laugh out loud – so much great fun for families and fans of nighttime zaniness. There is more energy in this event that in a space shuttle blast-off! Everything glows…hats, glasses, neckties, pants, strollers, running shoes, walking shoes, boogie shoes…it’s a good time for everyone, who doesn’t love a light show? Join in the fun, whether walking, running, dancing or just observing. It’s a great way to encourage participation in outdoor activities, get a little exercise, get together with friends or make new ones.

Light Up The Dark is a new musical event coming to the Historic District amphitheatre on Oct. 12. Three bands will bring inspirational music to the Historic District, benefiting Powerhouse Ministries. A $10 donation is requested “at the door.” Bring lawn chairs and a sweater for a great night.

Soap Box Derby Days!! Oct. 13 and 14 from Wool and Sutter (in front of Dorothea’s) down to Reading Street (in front of The Telegraph). We’ll have a two-day Soap Box Derby. This event is sanctioned by the Soap Box Derby Association of America (yes, really) out of Akron, Ohio (winners of this event can qualify for Nationals in Akron July of 2019). We have seasoned racers coming from the region around us, as well as about 10 local new racers…come and cheer them on! It will be great to watch (best time to watch is 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. either day) and a super fun way to spend some time in the Historic District. If you think this is interesting, and you’d like to participate, contact me at the bakery. But you must be able to attend a clinic on Oct. 7, when kids will be fitted to cars, be able to wrench on the cars themselves, and make sure the cars are ready to go for the following weekends’ race.

The Folsom Blues Breakout Half Marathon is coming back to the Historic District on Oct. 21. You’ll have to be up early to see this one, as they start at 7:30 a.m. The first to cross the finish line in the Historic District Plaza will be done in just over an hour…most will cross between the one and two hour mark. Then it’s a party in the plaza. I love that we have such an active lifestyle here in Folsom. Welcome back runners!

Lastly, don’t miss Trick-or-Treating and Festifall in the Historic District on Oct. 27. It’s a great way to celebrate the fun that Halloween brings all day long!

Happy fall…hope you join us for part of it!


Karen Holmes is the President of the Board of Directors for the Folsom Historic District and the owner-operator of Karen’s Bakery.