Spotlight on Shoop's Photography, a Family Owned, Boutique Style Photography Studio at 805 Sutter Street Suite 240

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We're pleased to include Shoop's Photography in our Business Spotlight Series.

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We connected with Amber Felts to learn more about Shoop's Photography at 805 Sutter Street Suite 240.

What is Shoop's Photography, how would you describe it to a friend?

Shoop's Photography is a family owned, boutique style photography studio, offering portraits for people in all stages of life; weddings, newborns, senior portraits, business and personal branding, families, and more.

We own a small studio on Sutter Street called The Studios on Sutter. It's a collective, meaning that it is open to other photographers as well.

Why did you start the business? What do you hope to accomplish?

I started this business out of my passion for photography, and quickly learned it takes more than passion to start a business!

My hope was to build a successful business that would keep me out of a cubicle, and allow me to connect with my community.

What's something you wish people knew about your business?

That this business is my life. I am just one person, with a little help, but mostly it is just me and this business puts food on our table.

While there are definitely some perks, I am not jet-setting all over the world for free or sitting back counting the cash. It's hard work and I earn every penny of it!

What is a common question you get or what is your most popular product or service?

Family portraits are a big part of my business, especially being in Folsom, which is a very family-friendly town.

What's the biggest compliment you've received?

While I am proud of the various awards we've received, including favorite photographer in Style Magazine 9 years in a row, our biggest compliment is when a client comes back for more.

Or when they refer a friend to have portraits with us. That is the best compliment we can ever receive!

Are you involved with or do you support any local nonprofits, community organizations or causes?

Having a studio in Historic Folsom, we are involved in the merchant association and do what we can to help with community events.

Earlier this year I co-chaired a committee that raised over $16,000 with one single event. All of that went back into the community.

I also offer a limited number of donations for various auction type fundraisers.

Why did you choose to be in the Historic District?

I've lived here for almost 10 years and could not imagine having my business anywhere else.

It is perfect for photography and the community and merchants are really supportive of each other.

Are you a member of the chamber or any other networking organizations?

Yes, we are a chamber member and are active with the Folsom Historic District merchant association.

Do you have any upcoming events, specials or new products/services that people should know about?

Our next big event will be in the Fall, when we host our Fall Mini-Sessions. These are affordable, short sessions that are perfect for creating a Holiday card or gift. Dates and locations TBD.

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