December 2018 In The Historic District - Tree Lighting, Ice Skating, and Christmas Arts & Crafts Fair

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I watched It’s a Wonderful Life for the first time last week. Everyone said “What?!” and “You’ve never seen it?” Lots of strong reactions.

After watching it, yes, it’s a great movie that really brings the message of the holiday season home. One of the things I really love about this movie is that it’s centered in a small town. This, initially, is the whole reason George Bailey wants out of Bedford Falls, and of course, in the end, it’s that small town and the warmth of his family that pulls him back in. I can’t help but think about how that small town feel is what we all yearn for at this time of year. We pull our inner circle together, we make (and eat) lots of food, we spend time with each other and we ground ourselves through these very important times.

The Christmas Tree Lighting was a terrific example of the community coming out in big measure. It was so great to have the plaza full of people, all with the holiday spirit in-tow. The Grinch made an appearance. Did you see him dancing on the balcony of the new Roundhouse Building? It was quite a sight, a bit terrifying to tell the truth! Later I saw him sitting in back of a Folsom Police squad car…guess our trusty police department took care of him!

There were so many families out. It’s a pleasure to see the effort of the Folsom Historic District Association come together is such a positive way. Events that the FHDA brings to the district are meant to promote our hopes for this part of town – warmth, community, family – in that respect the tree lighting was a home run.

Two days later the Christmas Arts and Crafts Fair took place. Wow! It was the best Christmas Craft Fair ever, with the most vendors and the greatest attendance in history! I went early, browsed the street, saw lots of friends, bought some C’mas gifts and had a ton of fun. Thanks again, FHDA! Nicely done.

One of the things that FHDA Board members hear quite a bit about when special events like this take place is parking difficulties. Well, FHDA has been able to negotiate a deal with the light rail – riding light rail from Wales or Iron Point into the Historic District allows easy parking and easy in-easy out access. My husband took his mother and my elderly uncle to the Christmas Tree Lighting, and they were pleased as punch that they were in and out easy-peasy. We (the FHDA) will be promoting this with any of our upcoming events, encouraging people to ride light rail for one or two stops for free parking. In part, it adds to the adventure, but even better, it ensures a pain-free parking experience. Win-win!

The Ice Skating Rink is in full swing. The ice is in great shape and the weather is cold enough so now it’s always skating weather. This year Bravo Coffee, the kiosk outside the skating rink, has built a new coffee shed, and enhanced their ability to make the best hot chocolate and/or pour-over coffee you can get “ice-side.”

The merchants and businesses in the Historic District have prepped their businesses for the holiday season. They are, rightfully, proud of presenting the community with a vibrant, charming, exciting place to have a holiday experience. The wave is building, come on down, make a day out of it, or just a quick evening. We’ll be glad to see you!

Happy Holidays – hope it’s a great season for everyone!


Karen Holmes is the President of the Board of Directors for the Folsom Historic District and the owner-operator of Karen’s Bakery.