Spotlight on Three Peas & Me, A Whimsical Little Marketplace Featuring Fun & Unique Kids Clothing at 813 Sutter Street

We're pleased to include Three Peas & Me in our Business Spotlight Series.

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We connected with Natalie Loftin to learn more about Three Peas & Me at 813 Sutter Street.

What is Three Peas & Me, how would you describe it to a friend?

Three Peas & Me is our happy place. It's a whimsical little marketplace featuring fun & unique kids clothing, where we create custom apparel and gifts along with a place to showcase local artisans and other boss mom's merchandise and crafts

Why did you start the business?

I’ve always loved creating and meeting new people.

After serving in the military for almost 10 years, I started a career as a realtor. Although I was doing quit well and loved it, I didn’t have time to be with my then triplet babies.

When my triplets were about 3, I Ieft my career as a realtor so that I could focus on my little ones. While I was home with them, I started spending my time creating and sewing pin up style aprons which eventually lead me to start a FB page, and now here we are!

What do you hope to accomplish?

I feel like I've accomplished more than I could imagine.

My children have learned so much from watching their mommy work. Since they are big part of the business, they see first hand the struggle, the reward, and the need for always learning. I’ve overheard them discussing their future business plans: logo, what type of business, who does what...they have great ideas, too!

What is your favorite part about the business?

To have people walk in as customers and leave as friends. I’ve been a part of many of my customers lives as they've gone through some of the beautiful milestones of life and it so nice to be a part of it.

For instance, I created custom bridal shirts and gifts for a customer's wedding, their baby shower, and eventually I'll get to help with their baby's coming home outfit, first birthday, and so on!

What's something you wish people knew about your business?

That each sale really does mean so much and that it is truly a family business.

My husband helps from behind the scenes and my mom - who is my biggest supporter - helps me run the show. My 10 year old triplets help at the store and even come up with designs.

When we have a good day or find a great piece to showcase, we literally squeal with delight and maybe even do a happy dance!

What is a common question you get? What is your most popular service and products?

How do you run a business, commute, AND take care of triplets?

That's the most common question, LOL, but my most popular service is my custom shirts, tutus, and gifts, and my most popular product is my mermaid pillowcases.

What's the biggest compliment you've received?

Our store looks like a little princess cottage that is filled with pretty things and customers LOVE IT!

One day, about a year into the business, a little lady (must of been in her late 80’s) walked into my store and stopped at the threshold. She put her hand on her cheek and looked all around, top to bottom, and just oohed and awed.

At that moment, I saw this fragile little lady turn into a little girl and for a moment, I believe she went back in time to a place where she was so happy. As her eyes sparkled her husband came in and stopped. He too shared her same joy. He then grabbed her hand and just stood still and oohed and awed like she did.

I literally cried seeing this. Though they didn’t buy anything that image will forever be ingrained in my mind. It was the best compliment ever and I will always remember that!

Are you involved with or do you support any local nonprofits, community organizations or causes?

Yes, I'm always donating items and services to organizations, have been since the second we started.

I actually just recently donated some items for a charity wrestling match by pro wrestlers.

One thing we have been working on for a couple charities we really want to do something with/for, is donate a portion of the sales from an item (TBD) to said charities. More info to come!

Why did you choose to be in the Folsom Historic District?

It was fate. One day my mom and I said "let's have lunch somewhere different, either Lodi or Folsom." We chose Folsom. I had never been to Folsom and yet literally right after parking we saw the FOR RENT sign. I got my self more than Chinese take put that day, haha. Now I love it here!

Are you a member of the chamber or any other networking organizations?

Yes , I am a member of the Folsom Chamber, a Mompire networking group, and other local business groups in the area I live in.

Do you have any upcoming events, specials or new products/services that people should know about?

We do!

March 31st we are doing a live bunny mini photo shoot and we have a jewelry wine class coming up, a terrarium making class, and we have a mothers day event that is in the works.

We want to have kids events and some with just the moms!

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