Swanson Structural Engineering

“Swanson Structural Engineering, Inc.”, officially opened the doors of their new office here in Folsom in July of 2009. William P. Swanson II, Principal and Professional Civil Engineer engaged primarily in Structural Design Projects, has been involved in the construction industry for over 35 years and has over 25 years of professional engineering structural design experience. Building structural design services will include power, heavy and light manufacturing, municipal, commercial, retail, office, tenant improvement, including seismic upgrade for all structures, foundation inspection, foundation settlement underpinning repair design, and custom home design. Non-building structural design services include sub-station structural design services, large volume tank foundation and containment structures, waste-water containment structures, heavy machinery frame and foundation support, facilities engineering structures, and retaining structures. RES, Renewable Energy Structures, will provide specialty product development and installation assistance to the Renewable Energy Markets.

Local Connections

Folsom Historic District