Arts and Crafts


April 28, 2024

9 am - 4 pm

Important Event Details

In 2024, the Spring Arts and Crafts Fair will take place on Sunday, April 28th, open to the public from 9 am to 4 pm.

This event is presented by the nonprofit Folsom Historic District Association (FHDA).

SELECTION of VENDORS: The act of submitting a New Vendor Application does not mean you have been accepted for the event. We explain how the selection process works below. Please take the time to carefully read this section: 

  1. ALL applicants will be waitlisted. Applications are not first-come-first-served. A paid, registered receipt will be the only confirmation of participation. No additional emails will be sent until the detailed instructions and space assignments are sent immediately prior to the event. Thank you in advance for your patience!
  2. Registration: 2023 Spring Arts and Crafts Fair vendors have first chance to apply for their space. This is typically a two to three week process.
  3. The event coordinator will then interview all new vendors. How vendors are notified of their application status is detailed on the application at the time of submittal. Please do not contact FHDA to inquire as to the status of your application. We thank you in advance for reading the application in its entirety!


Pricing does not include a small processing fee:

  • RED space on Sutter Street: 10' wide x 10' deep = $150 
  • BLUE space on Sutter Street: 10' wide x 18'/20' deep = $175
  • DOUBLE FRONTAGE space on Sutter Street: 20' wide x 10' deep = $300
  • Prepackaged and Cottage Food Vendors: $225 for a red space above ** 
  • Food Booths (MEV and low-risk TFF): $225 ** for a red space above **
  • Food Booth (MEV and high-risk TFF): $310 ** for a red space above **
  • Food Trucks and Trailers (MFF and MEV using a vehicle/trailer): $500 ** 

** Read FOOD VENDOR section below for additional information

IF YOU ARE A JEWELRY VENDOR: There are many returning jewelry vendors from prior shows. You may be placed on a waiting list for future shows.  

RAIN OR SHINE EVENT: This is an outside event and is held rain or shine.

PAYMENT: Vendor agrees to pay the full space price and processing fee at time of registration. No payment can be made on the day of the event—no exceptions.

REFUNDS: Full refunds will be issued up to Thursday, March 28, 2024. No refunds will be given after this date, including any spaces paid for from March 28, 2024 to April 27, 2024.

SHARING OF SPACE: No sharing of space unless specifically approved by Vendor Coordinator (i.e., vendor is under the age of 18 and a parent must be present).

POP-UP TENTS ARE REQUIRED: Pop-ups are required and must be good working order and presentable. The preferred color is white. If you register for a 10' x 18'/20' space, only one pop-up tent is required. If you register for a 20' wide x 10' deep two pop-up tents are required.

RESELLERS/COMMERCIAL: No resellers of existing products, multi-tier marketing businesses, commercial business entities or wholesalers.

VENDORS HAVE FIFTEEN MINUTES: Vendors who register for spaces on Sutter Street will have FIFTEEN minutes to unload and load. With 40+ vendors on a one-way street, this time frame is strictly enforced. Should a vendor surpass this time, he/she will be instructed by staff to drive around the block and get in line again. Also, only one car per space to unload at a time (some vendors show up with three or more cars).

TOBACCO-FREE EVENT: No devices of any kind—including cigarettes, pipes, e-cigarettes, vaping or similar devices—as well as chewing/coffee tobacco, can be used during setup, tear-down and during event public hours.

CALIFORNIA SELLER’S PERMIT: California law requires that ALL VENDORS have a valid California Seller’s Permit. The Seller’s Permit number must be included on the application and it will be verified as valid. To obtain a California Seller’s Permit, contact the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration at (916) 227-6700. To register online, click on this link to access CDTFA.

SHADE: All vendor events are held outside and there is very limited “natural” shade to be found.

AUTHORS: Our arts and craft fairs do not include authors or book sales.

Below are a few more things to know before submitting a New Vendor Application. A complete set of requirements, policies, and conditions will be provided upon event registration and will include a Vendor Agreement, Event Waivers and pertinent documents:

  1. Vendors understand that all correspondence from FHDA will take place via email: No US Post Office services will be used. Please add [email protected] and [email protected] to your contacts to avoid emails going to your spam folder and you missing vital communications.
  2. FHDA reserves the right to move a Vendor from one space to another, even if that Vendor received correspondence that he/she has been assigned a particular space. Should the space be more expensive than what the Vendor originally paid, there will be no additional charge. If the space is less than what Vendor originally paid, FHDA will arrange a refund for the price difference.
  3. Items for sale at this event must be 85% handcrafted by the applicant. No multi-tier, wholesaler, commercial or import vendors will be accepted.
  4. Because FHDA events are family-friendly, no selling of “adult” items, hate-group items, offensive material and dangerous merchandise.
  5. No items can be displayed or sold that fall under the Endangered Species Act. Info: https://www.fws.gov/endangered/laws-policies/esa.html
  6. Vendors understand FHDA provides only spaces and that pop-up tents are required (for a uniformed look, white canvas is preferred color). Vendors are responsible for chairs, tables, pop-ups, power cords, etc. For safety reasons, the pop-up tent and any additional structures in the Vendor’s space must be properly anchored.
  7. All booths must be neat in appearance and staged appropriately. Items must be clean, clearly priced and in good condition.
  8. Vendors must remove all items, including empty boxes and packing material. Failure to do so may result in Vendor not being invited to participate in future events.
  9. No flammable items of any kind are allowed in the booth, including portable propane heaters, generators, gas-filled balloons or space heaters.
  10. Vendor understands that no heating or cutting devices of any kind can be used during the event. This includes, but is not limited to, laser cutting and engraving machines, lamination machines, embossing machines, transfer sublimation machines, vacuum heat presses and any kind of heat press machine.
  11. Electricity is available only in certain areas of the overall venue and can be purchased for an additional $25 when registering. Vendor must provide own power cords, power strips, etc. and is responsible for securing items in such a way that they do not become a hazard to anyone (i.e., tripping, electrical shock). 
  12. The Vendor understands that FHDA events are invitation-only, regardless if the Vendor participated in a prior FHDA event(s).


for all food vendors, including MEV, prepackaged and cottage-food

  • Food Trucks and Trailers (MFF and MEV using a vehicle/trailer): $500 ** 
  • Food Booths (MEV and low-risk TFF): $225 ** for a red space above **
  • Food Booth (MEV and high-risk TFF): $310 ** for a red space above **
  • Prepackaged and Cottage Food Vendors: $225 for a red space above **

Note: Booth fees are higher for Food Vendors due to fees assessed by the Sacramento County Environmental Health Division (EMV) to FHDA to host food vendors and cottage-food/prepackaged food vendors. EMV adds additional fees ranging from $75 for each MEV/low-risk TFF and $158 for each MEV/high-risk TFF submitted. These fees are already included in FHDA’s space rental cost above (based on current fees, subject to change by EMV) 

Per Sacramento County’s Department of Environmental Management (EMV), all vendors selling food at any event in Sacramento County must be in compliance with the County’s food program, regardless if the vendor lives in Sacramento County or not. This requirement includes any and all food items, including cottage-food industry and prepackaged food vendors.

Info: http://www.emd.saccounty.net/EH/FoodProtect-RetailFood/Pages/SellingFood.aspx.

FHDA will send EMV’s Temporary Food Facility Operators Packet (TFF) to the Vendor upon registration. TFF documents must be completed upon registration and returned per the deadline set by the FHDA Vendor Coordinator. Failure to submit the required TFF forms per that deadline may result in Vendor being dropped from the event. If this happens 30 days before the event date, a full refund will be granted, less a $15 processing fee. No refund will be offered less than 30 days before the event.


Even if the food vendor is based outside of Sacramento County, the Vendor must complete the TFF documentation and provide copies of CURRENT food permits/licenses from the Vendor’s county of business for EMV to review and verify.


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