March 2018 in the Folsom Historic District - Escape Folsom, Bravo Coffee & Music Every Night (But Monday)

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This article originally appeared on The Folsom Telegraph.

Spring always comes in full of promise, and so it is a natural time for our optimism to be at it’s peak. Perhaps the drought won’t be as bad as it seems if we get lots of rain in March. It’s certainly starting off this way….fingers crossed for it to continue. As a skier, I am still hopeful that we can get some great snow and have some serious ski days this season.

For our beloved Historic District, the calendar for this year has been set, and wow, is it full. New businesses opening up, new events to keep an eye out for, and traditional events with improvements…all these make up the vision for 2018.

By now you have noticed the construction on Sutter St around our plaza. That is the new Roundhouse Building, which will house Scott’s Seafood and Willamette Valley Vineyards. They had a Raise The Roof Party, a dedication of sorts, and wow, what a showing. Live music, tastes of the food and wine yet-to-come, and lots and lots of well-wishers, cheering for a project that has been ten years in the making. We are excited to have such quality businesses moving into the district, and look forward to greeting them as our new neighbors.

Speaking of new neighbors…Escape Folsom has done it…they have opened…and they are terrific. There is so much atmosphere in that historic building, and the owners of Escape Folsom have preserved much of it…right down to re-creating the dining tables that Jaegers used to have, with a wash basin and faucet in the middle of the table! The escape rooms are fun, and apparently a challenge, as I haven’t heard about anyone getting out in the allotted time yet. The establishment is friendly, and the décor is cozy. Stop by and say hello, they will be happy to see you there. Another new business: after a successful pop-up location at the ice rink, Bravo Coffee has moved into the 800 block. They are serious about their coffee, and glad to be a part of the Historic District atmosphere.

I was reviewing a calendar of recurring events in the District….I was so happy to see how much music is happening all over the District. There is music in the district every night but Monday. And it’s not all just rock n’ roll. There is much acoustic music, music that is a lighter commitment, better for a quick check in, have a bite and a drink and still make it home at a reasonable hour. Gaslight, Sutter Hotel, Unwind, and The Farmers Market all have acoustic music on a recurring basis. Did you know that Powerhouse Pub has Country Music Night AND DANCE LESSONS on Thursdays? What a treat to have so much music right here at our fingertips. It’s nice to be a part of a community that has such a creative vibe.

Speaking of creativity…the planning of the 4th of July parade (actually on June 30) is underway, and it really has some terrific momentum going…the organization and talent of the parade effort is just wonderful. The committee is formed, they are meeting regularly, and ideas are becoming reality. It will be so fun to see how it all comes together. Really, a good ole’ fashioned hometown parade, with local hero’s, floats, wild west themes, music, and (rumor has it) even a marching pig! If you’d like to help, give me a call and I will help direct you. If you just want to watch, mark your calendar for June 30th, this is going to be a hoopla!

March, March, March…..rain, rain, rain….fingers crossed!


Karen Holmes is the President of the Board of Directors for the Folsom Historic District and the owner-operator of Karen’s Bakery.