Google Business Profile Website Shutdown: A Free Alternative, What You Need to Know & How Locable Can Help

Are you losing your free Google Business Profile website?

Google Business Profile (GBP) is a free tool that helps businesses manage how they appear in some Google searches and on Google Maps. They had previously offered a free "website" tool to help folks without a website to present a more robust presence online based on the data in their GBP.

However, Google has recently announced a significant change: they are shutting down their GBP website service by March 2024.

This change will impact numerous small businesses and local organizations that rely on these websites for their online presence. In light of this, finding a reliable and robust alternative is crucial for local businesses.

The Impact of Google's Decision

Come March 2024, Google will no longer support the creation of websites via GBP. Existing GBP websites will be redirected to the corresponding Business Profile until June 10, 2024, after which they will display a "page not found" error. This development poses a challenge for businesses that have depended on GBP websites for customer interaction and online visibility.

Locable's Free Engage Plan & Profile as a Solution

Unlock a free alternative with a Locable profile

As businesses seek alternatives to GBP websites, Locable presents a simple yet powerful solution. Claim your free Locable Profile which is specifically designed to meet the needs of small and mid-sized businesses and local organizations, offering key features such as:

  • Integration with Google Business Profile: Display Google reviews alongside those generated through Locable.
  • Event and Blog Post Showcasing: Effortlessly share your events and blog posts.
  • Local Connections™ Distribution: Amplify your content's reach by distributing your content through Local Connections™ and back to GBP.
  • Additional search benefits: many small businesses have become overly reliant on social media and don't realize that their efforts have nearly zero benefits on Google. Learn how one IA restaurant unlocked thousands of clicks from Google with their Locable Profile.

Enhancing Your Online Presence with Locable

For businesses looking to go beyond the basics, Locable offers enhanced capabilities through our paid plans and local website solutions. Upgrading to a paid plan or opting for a full website with Locable brings additional benefits:

  • Advanced Local Marketing Tools: Express Email Newsletter, advanced forms and registration, menu tools for restaurants, Guided Blogging and more.
  • Professional, Full-Featured Website: Elevate your online presence with a custom website, complete with a professional design and robust functionalities.
  • Comprehensive Support: Benefit from premium support and access to a range of customizations to suit your specific needs.

The shutdown of Google's GBP website service is a wake-up call for businesses to reassess their online strategies. Locable's offerings, from the free plan to full website solutions, provide a comprehensive set of tools to not only replace your GBP website but to also enhance your overall online presence.

Whether you're a small local business or nonprofit, a Main Street Association, a local Chamber or a Tourism organization/DMO, Locable has the right tools to help you adapt and thrive in the evolving digital landscape.

Discover How Locable can Transform Your Community

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